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We offer delivery services to transport your pallet from one location to another. These are pallets you buy or sell. There is a lot of movement when it comes to pallets from most business owners in Sydney. Finding the proper channels to transport them is vital since you need them to reach the destination quickly. Our transport services are reliable and affordable for use. We will bring your pallet to you when you buy and deliver them to your buyers when you sell them. We take care of all the services from the collection and offloading without you breaking a sweat. The experts are also perfect in the assembly of the pallet at the drop-off point.

Some pallets need a forklift to load and offload them into vehicles. We have all the necessary equipment and a team to help when any need arises. Make your call today and request a free estimate.

Pallet Collection and Disposal

Many businesses accumulate large numbers of pallets in their premises that need removal. We offer disposal services for all types of businesses in need of the services. Any time you have any leftover pallets in your space and feel they are taking over, then you need this service. We take away all pallets and dispose of them properly. The main process involved here is to load the pallets in trucks and disassemble them before the transport.

We have a recycling company that reduces all the pallets to usable materials that are not harmful to the environment. All pallets can be repaired, reused, or broken down for recycling. We have all the services ready for you. Make your appointment today.