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Our Geelong based websites designers design our customers sites with simplicity in mind. As a result we build and design FREE websites, that's right free. Because we want you as a long term customer. We design all sorts or sites for all sorts of industry's and we are very cost effective


SEO Optimisation

First of all, 99% of websites should have some type of SEO worked into there website. Whether it's simple onsite SEO (Which should be done once the website is released to the customer - also known as Googled readied) or we may need to look at full offsite strategy.

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Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing or SEM is a great way for your website to gain exposure above the organic listings. Furthermore it's an ideal product for those seasonal company's or to compliment the work you've been doing organically. It's a great way to own some sort of real estate on Google.


Yes, Simply Found build free websites and our Website Designers are skilled in all forms of web design furthermore our designers make sure your site is also Google ready.

Based out of Geelong, Australia we service the entire country and have built websites for customers out of Melbourne, Sydney and also Brisbane however with the power of the internet we not only build websites in Australia but also New Zealand as well.

We’ll keep an eye on the site as just performing simple onsite SEO tactics may not be enough for your website to rank in the search engines. Therefore our Geelong based Website Designers will work closely with you during this process.

Reporting is crucial and we offer it with all our SEO & SEM products plus any other digital campaigns you may require.

Security is important and if your hosting company doesn’t provide you with SSL certificates we can organise to obtain an SSL certificate on your behalf and even install it for you and of course you will only pay for the cost of SSL certificate, no skimming off the top.

Feel free to poke around our website and check out our cheap as chips pricing as well.. Let’s get this done.

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Free Website Designers Geelong

Simply Found’s policy is pretty simply, we build websites to rank. You might live in Geelong or outside of the area we firstly need to understand what type of work has to be done to  your website in order for achieve a first page ranking. So if needed before any SEO is undertaken we will build you a free website. That way we can re-build the site to ensure the on-site SEO work is done properly, we will then commence on the off-site SEO work. Our website designers will work along side you to not only design a website that looks great but so that it ranks.

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